What I’m drinking: a hot toddy. Or spiked hot chocolate. Yum.

The New York Times taught me about Hygge, “a Danish term defined as ‘a quality of cosiness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being.'”


I love this idea because of its versatility, and I’m fascinated by the feverish way Americans have adopted this trend. There are loads of books being written about hygge, from “how-to” to philosophical musings. The idea, at least my interpretation of it, is to pretend it’s snowing outside (a hard feat for this Atlanta-dweller), find the fuzziest and most delightful blanket and/or the fuzziest and most delightful animal, and curl up with a scented candle and relaaaaaax. How do I relax, you ask? With podcasts. And with books.


Having shared with you all my embarrassing reading slump, I am working on making reading as appealing as possible. Any suggestions from y’all on how to make the perfect reading ambiance? One particular problem I have is how to sit when reading. Nothing is quite comfortable long term…


Anyway, y’all get cozy and feel sophisticated and Danish. But not made like that one Danish prince. You know the one. Something is rotten and all that.


Cheers and xo,