What I’m drinking: Haterade. It’s true. At least I’m self-aware.


Famous people are writing books! This is nothing new, but just this week Cara Delevingne, Jamie Lee Curtis, Chelsea Clinton, and The Black Eyed Peas all announced book deals.

How do we, the book community, feel about this? I’m of two minds myself.


On the one hand, good for them, right? More books might mean more people supporting bookstores, reading, expanding their minds. These are creative people expressing themselves and we should support them.


However, I can’t help but be a little cynical. Book publishers notoriously have small budgets for author advances, especially outside of the Big 5, and these writers are getting staggering numbers. What does this mean, that the next literary hit that needs a shot might not be financially viable for a press because they know they’ll turn a profit with a star who wants to dabble in writing? Am I in the wrong, or maybe being snobby, by wanting little-known literary fiction geniuses to make it over someone who might just be grabbing for money, enhancing their public image, and not even generating quality content?


Tell me what you think.