Wine pairing: something indulgent and sugary, like bubbly pink Moscato. Don’t let anyone judge your sweet pink bubbles.

It’s cold outside here in the States (then hot, then cold again, then warm, then hot). Nothing like weird weather to make you want to stay in and devour a good book, right? WRONG. Turns out, like I mentioned in a previous post, working 9 to 5 Dolly Parton style can wear a girl out. Full disclosure, I had to stop writing this post to jam out to that song. Classic.

Anyway, I finally powered through a book, The English Patient, and more on that later, and got my groove back, y’all! What’s up? So, I’ve been ruminating on what makes a book compulsively readable. I know this is the definition of subjective, but this is my blog and I can write what I wanna.

  1. A relatable/revolting character –

    remember those high school classes about heroes/anti-heroes? I firmly believe if you don’t find at least one of the characters, ideally the protagonist or antagonist, fascinating or relatable in some way, it’ll be more of a drag getting through it all

  2. Some sexy prose –

    have you ever been reading along, trying to engage the text, and stumbled across a quote that some part of your brain told you had to be immediately jotted down onto a post-it note so you could cherish the wisdom and ultimately easily enrich your daily life??? no? just me? well. My wall is covered in ’em.

  3. Knowledge that there’s a movie version you can try to enjoy but ultimately judge after finishing –

    it’s true. sue me.

  4. Knowing someone who has read it too! –

    If I can text a friend and say “omggggggggggg chapter three makes me want to kill everyone I’ve ever met” and they can say “just wait until chapter four,” it just helps you keep trucking.

  5. Making your reading area top notch –

    real talk: can someone help me find the perfect long-term reading position? I would read so much more if I could find a way of sitting that doesn’t cramp my neck/hand/legs/elbows/life. Also blankets and candles are good.

More tips? Send them my way. Happy reading.