“Life is a Cabaret, old chum.”

-Liza Minelli

This is my very first post. Like, ever. I always avoided writing things that weren’t inspired by prompts and rules. But here we are! I hope you are humming to yourself as you read my title (for those unaware of the darkly fabulous musical/movie Cabaret, check it out!).

Let Me Entertain You-My Goals:

  • Let’s read and talk about some books! I like fiction, although I’ll indulge in the odd biography, especially if it’s scandalous. My reviews will mostly deal with the huge stack already on my nightstand/in my trunk/under my bed. Don’t judge. If you like to read things that make you think, feel, hope, dream, laugh, yell, cry, sigh, or drive you to (alleged) homicide, you’re my people. Welcome home.
  • If you’re always trying to incorporate book nerd stuff into daily life, same. I’ll write some stuff about literary things besides proper books. I do other things besides read. Sometimes.
  • Have fun? Yes, it’s a question?

There you have it. Always feel free to shoot me a comment, message, carrier pigeon, etc.